The Top Food Festival in Every U.S. State

The Top Food Festival in Every U.S. State

It is no surprise that Americans love good food. We are easily a stand out when it comes to delicious and unique food festivals. You can practically travel state by state and witness a delectable event. Luckily for you, we have created an A to Z composite of each state's top food festival.

1) Alabama
When visiting the lovely state of Alabama make sure to swing by the Peanut Boil Festival. Here you will be able to taste more fresh goobers than your hands can hold. Expect fun arts & crafts, live music, a beauty pageant, and of course yummy peanuts.

2) Alaska
In Alaska, the Kodiak Crab Festival takes center stage every May and serves some of the best seafood you will ever taste. Each Alaskan chef utilizes locally harvested seafood and organic wild greens only of the highest quality.

3) Arizona
Arizona's top food festival is the Yuma lettuce Days which takes place every February within the University of Arizona Agricultural Center. The theme of the festival is that everything comes fresh from the field to the table.

4) Arkansas
Get yourself a big ol' fried pickle at the Atkins Picklefest in Arkansas this coming May. Locals have reported that the sour pickle eating contest is hilarious.

5) California
One little known fact is that California has self proclaimed itself the 'garlic capital' of the world. Thus, it is imperative that you visit the Gilroy Garlic Festival the next time you are in the Golden State. Expect bold flavors and potent smells.

6) Colorado
The Great American Beer Festival is one of the most epic brew fests in the nation. Denver puts on the event so that people from all of the world may come and sample a plethora of American craft beers during the three day bash.

7) Connecticut
The Milford Oyster Festival in Connecticut celebrates the grandiose oysters that thrive along the East Coast harvested all the way from Maine to Virginia. Upon attending, make sure to try the oysters with the 'CT' label as they are meant to be of the highest quality.

8) Delaware
The annual Apple Scrapple Festival located in Bridgeville, Delaware is one of the tastiest events you will ever attend. Delaware knows its apples especially because it is the nation's largest producer of the RAPA Scrapple Apple.

9) District of Columbia
Held monthly from April until October, the Truckeroo festival occupies the corner of M Street SE and Half Street, straight across from the Navy Yard Metro Station. Over twenty food trucks will be in attendance along with live music and fun games.
Food Festival in Every U.S. State
10) Florida
Every July 4th the Key West puts on the Key Lime Festival that includes four live cooking competitions and demonstrations. You will not want to miss the key lime pie eating contest, the key lime cocktails, and the locally distilled, one of a kind, key lime rum.

11) Georgia
The Georgia Peach Festival is iconically held in Peach County, Georgia every June. It is notably famous for baking the largest peach cobbler in the world. Can you imagine seventy five gallons of fresh peaches filling up an eleven by five foot pie? Well, needless to say it is certainly a sight to see.

12) Hawaii
Coffee lovers will simply adore the Kona Coffee Cultural 10 Day Festival in Hawaii during November of each year. The event highlights the region's cultural heritage of coffee connoisseurs. Expect coffee tastings, art walks, and coffee farm tours.

13) Idaho
The Idaho Spud Day located in Shelley, Idaho is truly a potato fanatics dream. Eat as many carbs as your stomach can hold while you watch potato sack races, 'mash pit' tug of war, and the Miss Russet beauty contest all strew about the banks of the beautiful Snake River.

14) Illinois
The Jumbo Size Shrimp Festival in Golconda, the river town of Southern Illinois is one you do not want to miss. Each September the Shrimp Festival features several types of sustainably farmed shrimp, the Little Miss Shrimp pageant, and a cornhold tournament to really turn up the heat.

15) Indiana
The Persimmon Festival is held every September in Mitchell, Indiana during the fruits peak season. You can expect a parade, a persimmon pudding competition, and a candle lit tour of the historic area.

16) Iowa
The Des Moines Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Iowa is a mouth watering event. Each and every February you will be able to taste a plethora of bacon varieties, listen to hog lectures, watch live entertainment, and experience epic eating competitions.

17) Kansas
Kansas is known as the 'Spinach Capital of the World' and the suburb of Lenexa celebrates the family oriented Spinach Festival every September. Watch out for the world's largest spinach salad.

18) Kentucky
Laurel County, Kentucky throws the World Chicken Festival every September. At the event there will be over seven thousand types of chicken dinners as well as the largest stainless steel skillet in the world! It is able to cook up six hundred chicken portions at time.

19) Louisiana
The Po-Boy Festival held on Oak Street in Uptown New Orleans each November attracts over sixty thousand Po-Boy sandwich lovers. Expect forty vendors or more with sizzling po-boy varieties stuffed to the brim with everything from fried Maine Lobster to German Goulash.
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20) Maine
The Wilton Blueberry Festival located in Maine is a statewide celebration that offers two days of blueberry cook-offs, pancake breakfasts, and pies galore. The festival takes place in August and prepare for gorgeous weather.

21) Maryland
The Old Bay Festival spices up Cockeysvile, Maryland each June. Nothing will entertain you more than the crab races, and signature cook off competitions. Imagine a calm bake on steroids.

22) Massachusetts
Somerville's annual What the Fluff? Festival held in September of each year features marshmallows gone wild! Massachusetts invented the googy and gummy treat so expect nothing less than delicious fluffernutter sandwiches, marshmallow tosses, and live musical performances.

23) Michigan
The eight day National Cherry Festival held in Michigan each July draws in almost half a million people with its classic events like the cherry pie eating contest. There are also several other events at the festival such as the cherry pie workshop for children, and the cherry pie bike ride.

24) Minnesota
The Wild Rice Festival held at the Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Roseville, Minnesota is unique as it features Native American centered dishes. Come visit the grounds in September and experience wild rice pancakes, soups, and sausages. It is truly a one of a kind event.

25) Mississippi
Belzoni, Mississippi has celebrated the World Catfish Festival since 1976. As the 'farm raised catfish capital of the world', the Belzoni event includes a live catfish fry, a catfish eating contest, and live entertainment.

26) Missouri
When attending the American Royal World Series of Barbecue this October, you can expect over six hundred barbecue teams serving up some of the finest brisket you have ever tasted. Don't forget to stay for the live fireworks at the festivals conclusion.

27) Montana
Montana hosts the Trout Creek Huckleberry Festival each August. The event will welcome you with heaps of huckleberry centric fun including horseshoe contests, a live parade, and moonlight dancing long into the nine.

28) Nebraska
Instead of food, the Kool Aid Days festival held in Hastings, Nebraska each August celebrates their favorite drink mix! Expect photo ops with the Kool Aid Man, collectible exhibits, the largest Kool-Aid stand in the world, as well as several drinking contests.

29) Nevada
The annual Las Vegas Greek Food Festival commemorates the heritage and culture of Greece every September. The baklava and souvlaki will be served by the platter.
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30) New Hampshire
The Milford Pumpkin Festival is your destination for all things pumpkin. There will be a pumpkin catapult, a pumpkin pie competition, and of course a pumpkin weigh in to find the heaviest pumpkin in the United States.

31) New Jersey
Trenton, New Jersey recently adopted the Pork Roll Festival which celebrates everything pork imaginable. Expect elaborate pork roll creations with a background of live entertainment.

32) New Mexico
The Viva New Mexico Chile Festival is the best place to try a large variety of locally grown, homemade salsa and chilies! Los Lunas takes pride in their three day annual event featuring numerous red and green chili farm treasures.

33) New York
Lyons located in Upstate New York is home to the Peppermint Days Festival. Each July the city honors it peppermint oil history with historic tours, amusement rides, and tractor shows.

34) North Carolina
The Smithfield Ham & Yam Festival gives agriculture the center stage each May. You can expect barbecue cook offs, pig races, carnival rides, and live entertainment.

35) North Dakota
The Norsk Hostfest located in Minot, North Dakota will feed a viking sized appetite. The five day long celebration features hundreds of local food vendors that have Norwegian roots, traditional folk craft workshops, and live music/dance.

36) Ohio
Albany, Ohio hosts the PawPaw Festival annually in September. The three day event will include innovative culinary creations like pawpaw tamales, pawpaw mustard, and pawpaw wheat beer.

37) Oklahoma
Tiny Bristow, Oklahoma is home to the Lebanon Tabouleh Fest! This unique event is delightfully full of all you can eat Lebanese lunces, belly dance performances, and the legendary Miss Tabbouleh Pageant.

38) Oregon
The Oregon Berry Festival is a berry lovers dream. Located in downtown Portland, the event commemorates one of the oldest berry industries in all fifty states with some of the most delectable blackberry pies you will ever get your hands on.

39) Pennsylvania
The historical McClure Bean Soup Festival is held every September in Pennsylvania. The event honors the Civil War Soldiers of old with its bean bake offs, garden tractor pulls, and live horse shows.
Best Food Festival
40) Rhode Island
Rhode Island is known for recreating some of the creamiest New England style clam chowder and the Block Island Chowder' Festival is chock full of it. Each may the island hold a competition for the best bowl of the year which will earn major chef bragging rights.

41) South Carolina
St.George, South Carolina puts on the World Grits Festival each April. It is a little known fact that South Carolina consumes more grits per capita than anywhere else in all fifty states.

42) South Dakota
Custer State Park was the first location to ever corral buffalo! Needless to say, this factor is the reason why the Buffalo Wallow Chili Cook-off is held here each October. Don't Worry, this mouth watering event will offer a plethora of samples.

43) Tennessee
The International Biscuit Festival held in Knoxville, Tennessee each May may be the most aromatic food event you ever attend. This biscuit centric event will feature a large variety of biscuits ranging from sweet to savory.

44) Texas
The Wurstfest held in New Braunfels, Texas every November is an epic ten day salute to the delicious sausages of the world. Expect tons of German heritage along with more brews than you can imagine and a cheery atmosphere.

45) Utah
The Utah State Fair features some of the tastiest potatoes in all of Salt Lake City. The eleven day event is held annually and begins the day after Labor day complete with deep fried finger foods, clowns, and award winning livestock shows.

46) Vermont
The Vermont Maple Festival is iconically features all things maple! Every April in St.Albans you can expect large pancake breakfasts paired with accenting syrup tastings.

47) Virginia
Alberta, Virginia is home to the annual Taste of Brunswick Festival featuring every kind of stew known to man. October welcomes everyone to Brunswick County where you can walk the 17th Street Farmers Market and purchase quart sized portions of homemade, delectable stews.

48) Washington
The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival is a three day event held on the grounds of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery. The festival takes place as the salmon leave their freshwater spawning grounds and return to the sea. Each Native American tribe within the Northwest contributes either a cooking, fishing, or storytelling showcase to the event.

49) West Virginia
The Preston County Buckwheat Festival attracts over one hundred thousand people to Kingwood, West Virginia every September. At the event you will experience endless tacks of buckwheat pancakes, the coronation of Queen Ceres and King Buckwheat, as well as three parades. It is one elaborate shindig.

50) Wisconsin
During the Kewaunee, Wisconsin summer you can expect to attend the Czech & Kolache Festival. The Kolache is a wonderful pastry pocket full of gooey poppy seed which originated in Bohemia, the first place Czech migrated to in America. At the festival you can expect all the kolache you can eat, beer, and of course, polka!

The Elk Fest is held annually each may at the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The festivals festivities include chili cook offs, elk antler (naturally collected) auctions, and wildlife conservation tours.