Time to Bottle Up Breadfruit Tree

The Breadfruit Tree Restaurant brings Caribbean flair to the San Joaquin River Delta. The restaurant's aromatic smells are enough to draw any local or visitor passing by. The Northern California Press was so impressed by the restaurants services that they have decided to bottle up some of their most popular products.
The first homemade Caribbean condiment that the company has chosen to bottle up by Breadfruit Tree is their Savory Hot Pepper Sauce. The sauce itself is made from some of the most carefully selected hot peppers known for releasing both heat and flavor. In order to capture the sauces wonderful flavor the peppers are mixed with popular Caribbean spices yielding a brilliant color and full body texture. This wonderful sauce will remind you of an island sunset. The best part about this uniquely crafted savory hot pepper sauce is that it pairs effortlessly with any meal! It is popularly utilized in chili, as a base for salsa, or as a seasoning for roasted meats and chicken wings. Make sure to use the Savory Hot Pepper Sauce sparingly as only a little of this richly flavored condiment will go a long way. Breadfruit Tree's Savory Hot Pepper sauce will be presented in a 6 ounce jar with 12 jars per case. The Caribbean condiment will also be available in a 1 gallon bottle with 4 bottles per case. One must refrigerate their Hot Pepper Sauce after opening.
The second product that Northern California Press will be manufacturing from the Breadfruit Tree Restaurant is their Sweet Ting Chutney. Anyone who has the chance to taste this sweet Jamaican sauce instantly falls in love with its flavor. This Breadfruit Tree Chutney sauce is both deliciously spicy and sweet. The condiment is made from a one of a kind blend consisting of apricots, pineapples, and a plethora of additional spices that are sure to excite your palate. Sweet Ting Chutney is yet another sauce that will pair well with any dish but is popularly utilized to glaze chicken, pork chops, and steaks. This tasty chutney is available in 6 ounce jars and like the savory Hot Pepper Sauce, it should be refrigerated once opened. You would be a fool to miss out on one of these two amazing sauces that will perfectly compliment any dinner.