How to use Groupon in the Restaurants

Most people have at least heard about Groupon, even if they haven't used it yet. The reason for not trying it yet might be that it's not very clear at first how to use and what the Groupon really is. This article aims to help you understand how it works and what benefits you can gain by using it.
So what is Groupon?
Groupon is a marketplace available all over the world. It was founded in Chicago in 2008. The website serves as a virtual place where merchants connect with potential clients in a way that benefits both sides. Merchants offer their products that can include activities, services, merchandise, restaurants, and spas at a discounted rate. This is the way for retailers to make them more visible and attract new and returning customers resulting in increased sale and profits. Consumers join in to find out about local businesses and to save money when purchasing through Groupon site. The reason why such system works is because a large pool of people is utilized, so the prices can be kept low while merchants still make profit.
This idea proved to be very successful and the company grew exponentially pretty quickly. In 2010 Groupon was available in 150 cities in U.S. and 100 around the world. Currently, you can join the marketplace in 500 cities in Europe, Asia, and South America, and pretty much everywhere in North America.
How to use Groupon in the Restaurants How can Groupon save money in the restaurants?
In order to use Groupon deals anywhere you have to first sign up, because all discounts are available to subscribers only. Make sure to specify your location and you will receive all specials in your area.
Once you are a member, go to Food & Drinks option to open the page that you are looking for. You will see all neighboring bars, restaurants, lounges, and every other place that sells food and drinks.
Make sure you understand how the deals work. Let's look at some examples. If you see Papa Johns - 50% off, look below for an explanation, that it is 50% off $10 gift card, so you will be paying $5 instead of $10. Not bad, right?
Once you select this option and pay, you will receive the gift card in the email and will then print and present it in the restaurant during your check out. It's that simple.
The higher the amount of the things you buy, the more you will be saving. For example, if you will be getting 50% off for a $20 gift card, you will save $10. Another good example - a meal package of $92 can be purchased for just $59.
Another way to save money at the restaurants is to get cash back. Present cash back deal wherever it is available and get a percentage of the amount you spend credited back to your card and paid in cash.
You can also get a discount on your restaurant bill with a Groupon coupon. Just like sites and be sure to check Groupon to see whether any of the local restaurants are currently offering coupon codes. For example, you can often find coupon codes for an extra 20% or 25% off restaurants. Sometimes you may come across promotions that target specific Groupon subscribers, like $10 off any order. Anyway, it is a great opportunity to access a great coupon code that you can use at no cost to you.
If you find that saving money this way sounds good to you, don't wait, sign up, and start using the Groupon when you go out, because why not?