America's Top 21 Vegetarian Restaurants

America's Top 21 Vegetarian Restaurants

The time is now to be meatless in America. Almond cheese and plant based protein are on the rise and only gaining more popularity daily. Can you believe chefs are considering creating burgers from the meat of cantaloupe fruit? America is truly advancing in the vegetarian and vegan industries. A meatless diet is not only better for your body but also better for your environment. These 21 plant based restaurants listed below are the future. Plus, it doesn't hurt that their vegetarian and vegan cuisine is phenomenal.

#21 Gracias Madre
Located in San Francisco, California, Gracias Madre serves delicious non-GMO, vegan - Mexican cuisine. An interesting fact about Gracias Madre is that it began on the Be Love Farm by Terces Engelhart and morphed into a full blown restaurant when she realized that there was no consistent way to get good vegan cuisine with in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thus, Gracias Madre was born to fill the vegan void! Gracias Madre has attained so much success that it has even opened a second location in West Hollywood, California. Make sure to try the cashew cheese filled enchiladas con mole and the plantain stuffed empanadas on your next visit. Learn also about The Best Wedding Caterers in Los Angeles here

#20 Bouldin Creek Cafe
Located in Austin, Texas, Bouldin Creek Cafe is an extremely well known plant based coffee house and diner. The Bouldin Creek Cafe will satisfy any herbivores brunch craving with their legendary vegan chorizo main and maple braised collard greens side dish. In addition to their delectable mexican cuisine, you will also find mouth watering soul food on the Bouldin Creek Cafe vegan menu. Their dairy free cornbread is to die for! Not to mention, all of their desserts are made in house from scratch. The blueberry lavender pie is a personal favorite.

#19 Blossoming Lotus
Located in Portland, Oregon, Blossoming Lotus is a decade old vegan restaurant serving plant based foodies some of the most delicious Asian infused vegan cuisine. You can find Blossoming Lotus in Portland's Lloyd District amid the many shops and coffee houses. It is almost insane at how well Blossoming Lotus captures the flavor of their Asian influenced dishes like the chickpea masala curry or the bibimbap with peanut soy curls. The vegan house made mac n cheese is yet another hit dish at Blossoming Lotus as the 'cheese' is creamy enough to give Wisconsin a run for their money. The Blossoming Lotus has been around for a decade because they know how to please their vegan and vegetarian audience.

#18 Bulan Thai
Located in Los Angeles, California, Bulan Thai is one of the most beloved vegan - Thai cuisine spots within the So. Cal area. Its meatless meu is known for being both creative yet traditional at the same time - their vegetized versions of classic thai dishes like Pad See-Ew impressively pack the same full flavor as the original dish. Carnivores visit the spot frequently forgetting it is a meatless restaurant all together. Bulan Thai offers delectable vegan cuisine and an extremely professional staff that provides impeccable customer service.

#17 Crossroads Kitchen
Located in Los Angeles, California on Melrose Avenue, Crossroads Kitchen is known for its ever evolving vegan - Mediterranean tapas. The Crossroads Kitchen plant based dining experience is unique because they pay close attention to detail from their eye catching presentations to their well crafted cocktails. One crowd favorite on the Crossroads Kitchen menu is the vegan artichoke oysters made with artichoke puree, kelp caviar, and yellow tomato bearnaise.

#16 J. Selby's
Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, J. Selby's recreates your yummy fast food favorites into plant based reditions. J.Selby's even has a 'dirty secret sauce' that will have you thinking of the infamous In n Out burger chain but without the guilt. Another crowd pleaser is the J.Selby Philly 'Cheese Steak' sandwich that one could never believe is completely plant based with its mouth watering flavor. J.Selby sources all of its planet based 'meats' from a local Herbivorous Butcher who supplies several vegan restaurants with beef-less meat creations.

#15 Elizabeth's Gone Raw
Located in Washington, DC, Elizabeth's Gone Raw first came about after Elizabeth Petty utilized a vegan diet to help combat her breast cancer diagnosis. A raw vegan diet is very beneficial to the body and Elizabeth Petty decided to introduce its benefits to the world in resturant form. You should be glad she did as the weekly six course menu tastings every Friday night is an event that you do not want to miss. Expect to enjoy menu options like vegan roasted chicken with black truffle fried cauliflower, and plant based flan for dessert. Keep in mind that you will pay a pretty penny for the restaurants vegan delicacies but the price is worth experience.
America's Vegetarian Restaurants
#14 Greens
Located in San Francisco, California, Greens is an upscale vegetarian restaurant that dates back to 1979! Its Fort Mason location is not only eye catching but also mouth watering reminding its visitors that you do not always need meat and milk to enjoy a good meal. Greens current chef is Annie Somerville who draws inspiration from countries and cultures worldwide. Each menu at Greens is pre fixed, so get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the delicious vegetarian meals that are about to come your way. Learn also about How to use Groupon in the Restaurants

#13 Bunna Cafe
Located in Brooklyn, New York, Bunna Cafe serves Ethiopian cuisine and is a vegan stand out! The restaurant's nine veggie based dishes are pack full of delicious flavors and you will find it hard to pick just one. However, make sure to order the injera flatbread as a side dish to help you scoop up your shiro or misir wot! Bunna Cafe is seasonal with menu items constantly changing to keep up with the most ripe ingredients of the latest harvest.

#12 Ground Control
Located in Chicago, Illinois, Ground Control is a favorite vegan sandwich shop within Logan Square. Their po-boy is a must try with its battered portobello nuggets, spicy greens, pickled red onions, and tasty garlic aioli. Or sink your teeth in their beer braised kale and garlic smashed hot tofu potato sides! The options are endless at Ground Control.

#11 Homegrown Smoker
Located in Portland, Oregon, Homegrown Smoker is a vegan barbecue lovers delight. Not only are the restaurants Tempeh Ribs incredibly rich in smokey flavor, Homegrown Smoker also serves out of this work Mac and No Cheese as well as a hearty Seitan Burger. It is amazing to see the Homegrown Smoker thriving with Portlands current boom in barbecue restaurants setting itself apart with a vegan approach. You will be surprised at how much your mouth will water at the restaurants soy based smoked chicken and delectable tofu fish fillets.

#10 Superiority Burger
Located in New York, New York, Superiority Burger is a vegan eatery that opened its doors in 2015. Since then, Brooks Headley has been serving New Yorkers delectable vegan burgers that you almost can not believe are meatless. Superiority Burger crafts its yummy patty's from a combination of quinoa, nuts, and beans. Keep in mind that the Superiority Burger menu is constantly changing so you may not get to taste your favorite dish more than once.

#9 Vedge
Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Vedge is a mom and pop owned vegan restaurant that opened in 2011. Regardless of being plant based, the restaurant is a favorite among herbivores and carnivores alike! Vedge is full of thoughtfully prepared dishes that are presented in an artist fashion like their portobello carpaccio and smoked eggplant braciole. Vegde cooks up dishes as good as your Nonna would make.
Vegetarian Restaurants
#8 Leaf
Located in Boulder, Colorado, Leaf is a whimsical vegetarian restaurant. It is one of the only vegetarian options in Boulder and is only rising in popular against all odds. Make sure to try the crowd pleasing portobello burger or Jamaican Jerk Tempeh. Plus, Leaf sources most of its produce from its own homegrown organic farm.

#7 Mana Food Bar
Located in Chicago, Illinois, Mana Food Bar is a plant based restaurant that does not try to create fake meats but instead heavily relies on dishes based around veggies, nuts, and grains. You will not find tempeh or seitan on the Mana Food Bar bar menu but you will find delicious Korean Bibimbap and Greek Spanakopita. This tapas style restaurant is a must visit when in Chicago!

#6 Kindred
Located in San Diego, California, Kindred works wizardry on vegetables with house chefs Kory Stetina and Jeremy Scullin. Your taste buds will be in heaven at Kindred with delectable dishes like Beet Risotto and Jackfruit Memphis BBQ. When visiting Kindred do not skip out on trying their carefully crafted cocktails that pair exquisitely with each meal.

#5 Modern Love
Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Modern Love opened in 2014 and pulls much of its dish inspiration from the Isa Chandra Moskowitz Vegan Cookbook. Modern Love brings New York cuisine to the streets of Nebraska with dishes like creamy borscht and almond cheese filled arancini! Its oyster mushroom scampi is out of this world as well.

#4 Plant
Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Plant is an intimate vegan restaurant run by chef Jason Sellers. Known for crafting bold and complex flavors, Plant does not shy away from putting a vegan twist on traditional favorites like lasagna and bibimbap with tofu, of course. Plant crafts some of the most delectable vegan desserts as well! Expect plates full of peanut butter chocolate blackout pie and saffron creme brulee.

#3 Red Lentil
Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, Red Lentil is a Boston suburb restaurant that trumps its neighboring pizza joints and wing spots. The restaurants attractive aroma alone will leave you wanting more. Red Lentil is a seasonal restaurant offering vegan dishes based around locations all over the world. One crowd favorite is the Gobi Manchurian that consists of fried cauliflower in a tangy tomato sauce.

#2 Seva
Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Seva is a mouth watering vegetarian restaurant that does allow dairy products on its mean. When visiting you must try the calabaza queso that is full of cheesy squash goodness. Or sink your teeth in Seva's tempeh walnut spaghetti and meatballs! However, you absolutely can not leave without tasting the vegan pumpkin pecan tart adorned in a brown sugar shortbread crust. Seva is what foodie dreams are made of.

#1 Plum Bistro
Located in Seattle, Washington, Plum Bistro creates meatless masterpieces. Upon arrival your eyes will be drawn to the Plum Bistro's beautiful earthy decor filled with flowers and greenery. The restaurant's signature dish is its Mac n Yease that gives you silky vegan cheese feels. The portobello mushroom burger is another crowd pleaser that features a panko coated portobello that has been deep fried and topped off with ranch, grilled onions, and buffalo sauce.